Saloon Exterior
Sheriff's Office
Building 22 Hotel - Exterior of hotel

Western Town Set 

Locally referred to as “Daisy Town”

Transporting you to the 1800 to 1900s era, this location stands out with its extraordinary feature: a breathtaking 360-degree vista that encompasses open plains, mesas, rolling hills, and mountains flanking the town on three sides. In the center of it all, a central square can be found, enclosed by 4 intersecting streets, where over 24 structures reside, playing a pivotal role in preserving the town's genuine character. Among these structures is a spacious barn with an attached corral, a designated area for blacksmithing, a saloon, a bank, a two-story hotel, a jail, a chapel, and numerous connected stores. Most structures are adaptable for both interior and exterior filming, presenting a wide range of creative possibilities. 

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Pond House Exterior
Pond house set cabins
Pond House Exterior

Pond House Set

POND HOUSE: This captivating two-story structure features a variety of rooms, including a kitchen and three generously sized downstairs spaces. A charming hallway leads to a cozy bedroom on the upper floor. Downstairs you'll find a welcoming fireplace and throughout, the floors and stairs are made of wood plank. The house also includes a wraparound porch with a view of a serene, spring-fed pond that is set against the backdrop of grand cottonwood trees.

HORSE BARN: Adjacent to the Pond House, this wooden horse barn exudes rustic charm. With double doors in the front and rear for easy access, it provides a versatile space for housing horses or other farm animals. Inside, multiple stalls feature straw-covered dirt floors, and an upstairs loft adding authenticity to the setting.

RANGE HOUSE: This single-story structure, ideal for both interior and exterior filming, can function as a residence or even a storefront. It's situated a short distance off to the side of the Pond House, just across the road. This adaptable building can seamlessly integrate into your scene, either as an additional property on the land or as a standalone, independent homestead. Upon stepping onto the small covered porch, you can access the interior through double doors, revealing hardwood-style plank floors and two generously spaced rooms.

ADOBE HOUSE: This charming adobe house is situated apart from the Pond House, nestled among towering Cottonwood trees. It features a covered entry and a modest interior with an adobe-style fireplace, making it an exceptional setting for capturing both interior and exterior shots.

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Main barn
Interior of main barn
Interior of main barn

Astro Barn Set

Locally referred to as the “Astronaut Farmer” Barn

Located on a hill in the distance from the Pond House set, you'll find this impressive three-story wooden barn. Within the barn you'll find a wood platform raised above the dirt floor on the ground level and staircases providing access to all three levels. This barn is furnished with numerous operational windows and doors including a sliding front entrance. it has undergone many diverse transformations, a few of which include, serving as a dancehall, an aircraft hangar, and even a rocket construction site. The barn’s remarkable versatility and ample space offer numerous creative opportunities, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of projects.

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Atomic Avenue Set


Locally referred to as the “Manhattan Project”

This adaptable set seamlessly blends with various settings. The housing community currently comprises six home-like structures. One of these homes offers a full interior, featuring an enclosed screen porch, a living room, dining room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Just beyond the back door, there is an additional building suitable for use as a detached garage or storage shed. Located towards the end of town, you'll find an extra structure that could serve as a storefront or small Chapel. This community lines a gravel road, offering panoramic views that extend into the distant desert valley.


Mountain Cabin Set

Locally referred to as “Cowboys & Aliens” Cabin

Nestled against the backdrop of a breathtaking mountain, this homestead highlights a charming log cabin at its base, embraced by surrounding trees, creating a tranquil and secluded atmosphere. Upon entering, you'll find a spacious and inviting interior that features a functional fireplace. The covered front porch offers a welcoming entry while the back porch provides a tranquil space to enjoy the natural surroundings. Additionally, there is a secondary room, extending from the front entrance, originally intended as a summer kitchen, featuring a versatile blank interior suitable for a variety of uses.

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Roadside Stop Set

GAS STATION: This rustic structure can flexibly transform into a gas station, a tire shop, or a mechanics hub. Nestled along a dusty dirt road, the structure features a compact interior framed by aged wood, and an outdoor sheltering canopy that could provide cover for vintage gas pumps or seasoned mechanic tools.

CONVENIENCE STORE: Located just a stone's throw from the gas station, an inviting, weathered structure stands ready to serve as the perfect setting for either a convenience store or a diner. Upon entering, you'll find a vintage frontier-style counter, a practical pass-through window, and an open area suitable for seating or displaying rows of gas station-style merchandise. Additionally, there's a discreetly placed restroom on the side of the building. This versatile location offers the flexibility of both indoor and outdoor shooting options.

DESERTED DWELLING: Up the road, behind the convenience store, stands a timeworn and desolate structure that has served as both a homestead and a storefront. This rustic building offers the flexibility for both interior and exterior filming. It is set against the backdrop of a tree-lined hillside, with a majestic mountain rising in the distance. Stepping through the covered porch, you'll discover wood plank floors, three spacious rooms, and an aged brick fireplace.

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Bonanza Spanish Fort-8795
Dugout, behind the Spanish Fort

Spanish Fort Set

FORT: This pre-1800s Fort showcases an imposing log perimeter and features substantial double gates at both ends. In the center, there's a courtyard featuring false fronts leading into the main two-story structure. Thoughtfully positioned ladders ascend to the landings, providind clear views of the surrounding landscape, ensuring vigilant surveillance against potential intruders.

HIDEOUT: Located discreetly at the rear of the Spanish Fort, you'll stumble upon a hidden gem. This rugged hideout is snugly tucked against a hillside, characterized by a wooden door and slatted wood interior, all resting on a dirt floor. Beyond the rustic exterior, you'll find not only a fire pit and an old-fashioned watering well but also a thick tree line, striking rock formations, and an expansive hillside backdrop. It's an ideal setting for a fugitive’s hideaway and offers endless filming possibilities.

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Prairie Homestead Set

Locally referred to as “3:10 to Yuma” Homestead

Surrounded by expansive open plains, this Prairie homestead offers a multitude of filming possibilities. The main brick/stucco structure boasts a generously sized covered porch with both front and rear entry doors, a spacious 2 room interior with a functional fireplace. Adjacent to the home, there is a versatile shed-like structure with a fully functional interior, suitable for various potential filming needs. You'll also discover a small covered corral, a chicken coop, and an animal pen, which round out the set.

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