Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch

Our Sets

Mountain Homestead

The Homestead location features a1800 to1900’s house, log cabin, small barn and outhouse situated at the base of a mountain. In the rear of the house, thick forests border on two sides. The last movie filmed at this location was Appaloosa.

Movie Town

Set in the 1800 to 1900’s era, a major asset of this location is its 360 degree shoot range. Views contain plains, mesas and rolling hills with mountains on three sides. It features 24 utility type buildings, four streets, a saloon, bank, hotel, blacksmith shop, train station, large barn and connecting shops. There is electricity in all of the buildings plus six water hydrants on site.

Pairie Homestead

This stucco house features its own fireplace. The site also contains a log cabin, two corrals, a cellar and outhouse. Plains surround this homestead to allow for 360 degree shoots. Last movie filmed at this location was 3:10 to Yuma.

Pond House

The ambiance of this 1920’s two story house is the fresh spring-fed pond at its back door. The site also features two barns, an adobe house, a large church and two smaller houses. Two hundred year of cottonwood trees surround and make for a fabulous backdrop of gold as summer gives way to fall. The last movie filmed at this location was Astronaut Farmer.

The Fort

This pre-1800’s fort, with a house built in the back section, features large double gates in both front and rear. There are thick forests on two sides.

Village Homestead

Bonanza Creek Film's newest addition. Seven homes with interiors, surrounded by a grassy area. 360 degree views at this location.

Special Features

5 Distinct Sets
  • 360 Panorama Vistas
  • Ponds, Mesas, & Plains
  • Free Roaming Cattle

Support Services
  • Film Office
  • Veteran Crews
  • Sound Stage
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