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As one of the premiere locations in the western United States, Bonanza Creek Ranch offers a vast array of filming opportunities. With an unobstructed 360° vista, five sets – including a 24-building town – and a location only minutes south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, it’s easy to understand why it is a top choice for not only big and small screen movies but also music videos, commercials and catalog shoots.

Recent movie credits include Cowboys and Aliens, Appaloosa, Wild Hogs, 3:10 to Yuma and Kid Nation. There’s also Astronaut Farmer,Into The West, All The Pretty Horses and The Lazarus Man. Traveling even farther back into the old west are blockbusters like Silverado, Lonesome Dove, Lighting Jack and The Cowboys. A movie called The Man From Laramie started it all in 1955.

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Bonanza Creek Ranch – it’s your best location choice.

Bonanza Creek Ranch

The Hughes Family has owned the Bonanza Creek Ranch since the 1980’s. Their first dealings in the filming business were with Columbia Pictures and a project called Silverado. Along with cattle ranching, Bonanza Creek Ranch has been a prime location for weddings, and commercials such as, Dr. Pepper and Ford Motor Company.

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